Shit passed off as support – WP

That’s right, the only support I see at wordshit is just that shit. What they are good at doing is giving you the run-around while they tell you they’re looking into it. Bullshit! The typical response is ‘it’s on your end’, well of course it is, that’s why there are over 10,700 unresolved problems when you look at their support forum.

What these guys do is they pay lip service to people, while they want you to upgrade and pay them for something that may or may not function properly. Why the hell would anyone want to do that? Yeah, I used to think WP was pretty good, but when you have a problem, it doesn’t take long to find out they could give a rat’s ass whether it gets solved or not.

These people, if that’s what they are, show a nice face, but that’s all it is. They call themselves ‘happiness engineers’ or some such gay nonsense. Well, I’m not so fucking happy and I don’t see any fucking happiness engineer doing shit other than pissing me the fuck off.

Tell me, if something worked fine yesterday, but today when you go to look at your stats and the page doesn’t fully load and the shit on the admin bar looks like scrambled fucking eggs that are so bunched together that you can’t click on anything without hitting what you didn’t want, then how is it that the fucking problem is on my end of things? Of course, I went to sleep and everything was fine, but becasue I slept and today I go in there and shit’s all messed up, it must be because what I am using is now fucked up, when the reality of the situation is these people are too fucking lazy to figure out what the hell the problem is.

Maybe, just maybe, I want to look at the fucking stats for the entire fucking year rather than one fucking day. I’m sure that thought never crossed the pea sized brains of the people who for some reason are actually allowed to work. Maybe sitting there telling people we don’t know why, it must be on your end – is called work. How about fixing the fucking problem with your system or go work at 7-11 with all of the other fucking morons out there?

These people SUCK. Period. SUCK. Anyone who pays WP for this kind of shit should be taken out back and whipped.

One other thing…if these ASSHOLES put an ad under this, DO NOT click it. It is garbage, DO NOT support ASSHOLES who give no support.